Structure Fabrication & Erection & piping work  Heat Exchanger Opening, cleaning by Roding, Brushing And Hydro testing of Exchanger.  Column Opening of Man ways, Tray removal, Re-fixing of Pall Rings/ Racing Ring/Saddles and Hydro test tray & TSR replacement
 Vessels/Sphere Opening, Scaffolding, Cleaning, Internal Removal and hydro test also cleaning as per requirement of SMPV.
 Reactor Opening, cleaning , unloading loading of Various types of catalyst and pressure test.  Heater/Furnaces Opening of Man doors, Internal Scaffolding Overhauling of Burners, Cleaning & tube replacement
 Valves Removal/Refixing of any type of valves And Overhauling.
 Pumps Overhauling of Sanitary submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps.
 Compressor Overhauling, Erection and alignment of Compressor and Motor.
 Lifting Tackles Testing, Repairing and calibration of all types of lifting tackles
 Cooling Tower Replacement of Fan and Gear Box
Assembly. Fabrication & Erection & piping We undertake planned/unplanned plant shut down maintenance assignment. We also undertake job of erection of any type of equipment.